Melk man is sour

What an awesome stadium!  There is a giant baseball glove in left field

as well as a huge coke bottle which has a slide inside.

The slide was 75 feet high and was fun. In right field, There are arches from which the  boats and people can catch home run balls in McCovey Cove.

There is also a mini ballpark

and a cable car in the stadium.

The initial pitchers are two of my favorite pitchers, Stephen Strasburg and Tim Lincecum.

Strasburg has been doing realy awesome but the big news is that the Nationals want to shut him down for the season after just a couple more starts. I know he had surgery last year and they are trying to play it safe with him but this is crazy! I mean, the Nats are in first place for the first time ever and they want to shut down their best player? And he wouldn’t play in the playoffs either?  Insane! I know it isn’t a fair comparison but I’m sure that I throw over 100 pitches a day in my backyard and my arm isn’t even sore. And he can’t throw 100 pitches every fifth day without risking injury?  Seems nutty. Anyway, as for the game, the Nats got to Lincecum early with two runs in the first inning

and then a two run home run by Espinoza in the third inning and cruised to a 6-4 victory.

It’s sad to me to see Lincecum do so bad this year after he has been unhittable for as long as I have been followng baseball. He now has a 5-13 record. How does that happen? My Dad says that he must be pitching hurt so at least that would explain it. How else do you lose your talent like that?

The game got exciting towards the end

as Adam Laroche dropped an easy popup to first base and Buster Posey came up with a chance to tie the game with a homer, but he struck out. The game was overshadowed by bigger news that day; the Giants’ star hitter and one of my favorite players, Melky Cabrera was suspended 50 games for taking steroids. Not you too Melky!  My heart sank when I heard the news in the first inning. He wasnt a power hitter so why did he do it. Why does anybody do it? It’s cheating plus it ruins your body. I will never understand it.

Willie Mays never used steroids!


Rally Monkey Has No Bite Against Indians


ImageIt was 2002 when the Angels last won the World Series.   Because I was only a one year old, I missed out on the Rally Monkey.  I got to see a lot of the Monkey first hand in the Angels game that I went to as they trailed the lowly Indians the entire game.  Since the Indians had lost 11 in a row a couple of weeks back, and just lost 14-1 to Boston yesterday, I thought for sure the Angels would win with C.J. Wilson pitching. 

The Rally Monkey is blasted on the video board almost every batter when the Angels are threatening to come back from a deficit.  They put him in videos, show him jumping up and down, and the fans shake their stuffed Rally Monkeys.  Angels Stadium goes absolutely crazy!  It is mostly cool though, I must admit, a bit creepy after awhile.  It seemed to work in the 8th inning, when the great Albert Pujols hit a two-run bomb to get the Angels to within 3-2 – but the Angels’ rally fizzled out after that.   The fizzling rally was a theme throughout the game as the Angels kept getting runners on base, but couldn’t score as they stranded numerous runners on base. 

The Indians jumped out to a 2-0 lead when Howie Kendrick booted an easy ground ball to start the inning.  I guess even Major Leaguers boot an easy ground ball now and then.  The Angels seemed to come right back when they had two on and none out, but then hit into the first of three double plays.  The first base umpire made one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen calling the Angel runner out.  The Angels manager Mike Sciosia argued for a long time and I thought that he was going to get thrown out of the game. 


The Stadium itself is very cool.  After Pujols hit his home run, they had huge fireworks go off in centerfield. 


There are huge rocks in center with a big waterfall just beyond the fence.  The old scoreboard is a 230-foot tower in the shape of an “A” that was moved to the parking lot because of earthquake concerns.

5 Days and Counting!

On Monday we start our West Coast baseball tour!

First stop: Anaheim to see the Indians play the Angels.

Then we head north to San Francisco to AT&T Park to watch the first place Washington Nationals vs the Giants, followed by a game the next day at The Oakland Coliseum.

Later in the week, we will go to Seattle for a Mariners’ game at Safeco Field.

I hope that you will check out my blog next week to get the latest updates on my baseball adventures.

Please share any “must see” sites or your favorite restaurants in LA, San Francisco or Seattle.


The Jays sing the Blues

ImageImageRogers Centre is very close to the CN Tower in the center of Toronto.  During the game I had the opportunity to both “high five” the Jay and then I was on the jumbotron!  We had great seats in the front row right by the ball boy.

To the disappointment of the home crowd, the Jays lost to Kansas City Royals, 8-6Image.  Hochevar was the winning pitcher vs Henderson Alvarez. J.P. Arencibia got two home runs!


Go, Cubs, Go!

Greetings from Chicago!

The Cubs stadium (Wrigley Field) is really cool and interesting with ivy on the walls and the old-fashioned scoreboard in center field. The Cubs first played in Wrigley Field in 1916.

The design of the ballpark is very different from all the other stadiums that we have visited so far. There are many more seats at the field level and there are bleachers on top of several buildings across the street from Wrigley Field. Each section of the ballpark has its own TV like on an airplane.

Unlike the White Sox game, the Cubs fans were very energetic, even the Reds fans that were there were energetic, too. At least a third of the fans were Reds fans.

The game was very close as the Cubs won it 4-3. The Cubs hit a 2 run home run in the first

and in the third, they got a solo home run.

The Reds also hit a solo home run.

Did you know that the game we attended was the second largest attendance at Wrigley Field for the year?

It is amazing how the prices vary from ballpark to ballpark. For example, at Wrigley Field the parking was $30 and a pretzel was $3.25. In other stadiums, a pretzel would be $4.75 and the parking would be $10 to $20.

Since the Cubs won we got to sing the Go, Cubs, Go! song!

Next stop:  Pittsburgh

Yankees send White Sox two text messages: “Yankees win!”

While in Milwaukee, we took the Miller Brewery tour.

Did you know that the Miller Brewery:

 fills 1500 bottles per minute 

packs 1.5 cases per second

fills 2000 cans per minute

Then we had a late lunch at an authentic German restaurant called Mader‘s in downtown Milwaukee.

The food was really delicious and my dad was excited to eat Wiener Schnitzel.

We drove to U.S. Cellular Field for the White Sox vs Yankees game.

There was a rain delay as a thunderstorm was nearby. Luckily, it missed us (for now).

Of all the stadiums that we visited so far, U.S. Cellular Field has the widest variety of different foods and singing beer selling guys.

Even with the Yankees in town, the attendance was not high. The fans were not very passionate- especially compared to the energetic Brewer fans. I guess it is because the White Sox have slipped since they won the World Series– which was the first time they had won the World Series since 1917.

Luckily, there were lots of Yankee fans who did cheer loudly and we did have a lot to cheer about- including two home-runs by Mark Teixera. The guy on the radio calls it a text message when Mark Teixera gets a home-run. He helped the Yankees win 6-0. That was the final score.

After the seventh- inning stretch, it started to rain really hard and they put the tarp down. The rain looked like wind! It was really bad.

They finally called the game after they spotted severe lightning! It ended early, but it still counted as a win for the Yankees!

Does anyone in Indiana know what time it is?

In Indianapolis, we explored the Kids Museum which was lots of fun. It was built on the site of an old railroad track and contains a real locomotive. There is a cool archeology area, real dinosaur stuff

and a water track where you can sail toy boats and rafts. There was even a 50 ft tall Transformer!

The odd thing about Indiana is that it is one of the only states where half of the state is on eastern time and half the state is on central time. If that isn’t confusing enough, some counties observe Daylight Savings time and some don’t. My Dad asked 4 local people what time it was and 2 people said one time and 2 said another. Very strange.

We then drove to Milwaukee. I could not believe how many corn fields we saw!

Also, 100’s of wind towers.

We arrived in time to walk around Miller Stadium before the game. It has a very unusual shape, including a retractable roof that weighs over 10,000 tons and takes only 10 minutes to close.  We had great seats – only a few rows behind home plate

Inside there are lots of fun things to do: race Corey Hart, pitching for speed where I threw 40 mph, sausage races.

The Cardinals had an early lead including a home run by Matt Holliday. Then in the 5th inning, the Brewers scored 5 runs in one inning, including a 3 run double by Nyger Morgan. The Cardinals intentionally walked Prince Fielder at his next two at bats.

We were hoping that the Brewers would score a home run because whenever that does happen, Bernie the Brewer (the team mascot) goes down the water slide in the ballpark. While there were no Brewer home runs at last night’s game, Bernie did ride down the slide at the end of the game

 since the Brewers won 6-2.