Jaso gets pie in the face

People often argue about what is the most exciting play in baseball:  the triple? Inside the park homer? No hitter? Diving catch? They are all exciting but, to me, nothing beats the walk-off victory. When it happens, all 25 players come out to hit the helmet of the player who hit the walk-off shot and the fans go crazy. Usually, the player who got the hit then gets interviwed on the field and, in a strange tradition, one of his teammates usually sneaks up from behind and gives him a shaving cream pie in the face.

In the bottom of the 9th in a tie game, the Seattle Mariners led it off with a single to right and the crowd rose to its feet in anticipation. Everybody in the ballpark knew that Brendan Ryan would follow with a sacrifice bunt. However, what turned out to the key play of the game, instead of just accepting his fate of being thrown out at First, Ryan ran as hard as he could. Despite it being a routine play, the pitcher didn’t account for Ryan hustling so much. Ryan beat the throw by a hair, and the Mariners were set up perfectly.  After a walk made it bases loaded and none out, John Jaso was sent up to pinch hit.  The Twins changed pitchers and the crowd cheered in anticipation.  Jaso hit a flyball to medium leftfield.  Ryan Doumit, who has a strong arm, made a throw like a rocket but it was off target and the Mariners won the game!  All of

Jaso’s teammates ran out of the dugout and mobbed him. 

They all playfully punched him and jumped on him.  The crowd went crazy.  Minutes later came the pie in the face.  It was a fun way to end our trip. 

Earlier in the game, Justin Smoak, who they call the Smoak Monster hit a bomb to dead-center which gave the Mariners the chance to win it in the 9th.

We loved Seattle and wished we had more time here.  The Space Needle gave a great view of the city being 720 feet off the ground.  

The stadium has a bronze replica of their old sportscaster which I took a picture with. 

a giant pig

and a playplace for little kids

and a cool mural

and a mascot called Mariner Moose.

The fans were incredibly nice here and were really into their team., including many rounds of the wave.

In the 9th inning when the Mariners were rallying, the crowd went beserk when they played Ozzy Osborne’s Crazy Train.

You would never know that they were in last place as they acted as if they won the World Series after the victory.  The town was clearly energized by Felix Hernandez‘ perfect game which happened only three days prior to the game we saw.  Obviously, we wish we were there for that game and I can’t wait to see my first no-hitter.  Then I can decide if THAT is the greatest play in baseball.


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