Go, Cubs, Go!

Greetings from Chicago!

The Cubs stadium (Wrigley Field) is really cool and interesting with ivy on the walls and the old-fashioned scoreboard in center field. The Cubs first played in Wrigley Field in 1916.

The design of the ballpark is very different from all the other stadiums that we have visited so far. There are many more seats at the field level and there are bleachers on top of several buildings across the street from Wrigley Field. Each section of the ballpark has its own TV like on an airplane.

Unlike the White Sox game, the Cubs fans were very energetic, even the Reds fans that were there were energetic, too. At least a third of the fans were Reds fans.

The game was very close as the Cubs won it 4-3. The Cubs hit a 2 run home run in the first

and in the third, they got a solo home run.

The Reds also hit a solo home run.

Did you know that the game we attended was the second largest attendance at Wrigley Field for the year?

It is amazing how the prices vary from ballpark to ballpark. For example, at Wrigley Field the parking was $30 and a pretzel was $3.25. In other stadiums, a pretzel would be $4.75 and the parking would be $10 to $20.

Since the Cubs won we got to sing the Go, Cubs, Go! song!

Next stop:  Pittsburgh


One comment

  1. Gabrielle Figueroa

    You’re doing a great job on your blog, Cory!! Hope you enjoyed Wrigley and the Cubs – I certainly hope to visit that stadium soon!!



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