Does anyone in Indiana know what time it is?

In Indianapolis, we explored the Kids Museum which was lots of fun. It was built on the site of an old railroad track and contains a real locomotive. There is a cool archeology area, real dinosaur stuff

and a water track where you can sail toy boats and rafts. There was even a 50 ft tall Transformer!

The odd thing about Indiana is that it is one of the only states where half of the state is on eastern time and half the state is on central time. If that isn’t confusing enough, some counties observe Daylight Savings time and some don’t. My Dad asked 4 local people what time it was and 2 people said one time and 2 said another. Very strange.

We then drove to Milwaukee. I could not believe how many corn fields we saw!

Also, 100’s of wind towers.

We arrived in time to walk around Miller Stadium before the game. It has a very unusual shape, including a retractable roof that weighs over 10,000 tons and takes only 10 minutes to close.  We had great seats – only a few rows behind home plate

Inside there are lots of fun things to do: race Corey Hart, pitching for speed where I threw 40 mph, sausage races.

The Cardinals had an early lead including a home run by Matt Holliday. Then in the 5th inning, the Brewers scored 5 runs in one inning, including a 3 run double by Nyger Morgan. The Cardinals intentionally walked Prince Fielder at his next two at bats.

We were hoping that the Brewers would score a home run because whenever that does happen, Bernie the Brewer (the team mascot) goes down the water slide in the ballpark. While there were no Brewer home runs at last night’s game, Bernie did ride down the slide at the end of the game

 since the Brewers won 6-2.


One comment

  1. Anthony Aleman

    I hope Albert Puljos played in this game he is a great player and plays the game the right way……miller stadium is a very interesting stadium hope your enjoying your trip!!!! – Anthony


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