Goodbye Cleveland, hello Detroit!

The rock and roll hall of fame was really fun! I learned  alot about music and rock and roll. I really liked seeing Usher and Michael Jackson’s outfits!

We then drove to Detroit to see the Tigers play the Angels. It was really exciting because my dad’s favorite team since he was a kid has been the Tigers, and he had never been to Comerica Park (Tigers’ ballpark) before this game!  

There were tiger statues everywhere, even on the carousel.

It was an exciting game for a long time when it was tied 1-1, but the Angels finally scored 4 runs and ended up winning 5-1.

Right after the game, we had to drive 3 and a half hours to Dayton, Ohio in order to be able to get to the Cincinnati Reds game on time tomorrow!


One comment

  1. Anthony Aleman

    Detroit is one of my favorite stadiums to watch the Yankees play in when they are on the road and I want to try and visit it next summer, from what I hear it is a lot like some of the older historic ballparks in baseball, maybe you can tell me more about it. – Anthony


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