I caught a foul ball at the Indians game!!

What a game last night!!

There were 4 home runs hit by the Royals including a grand slam by Melky Cabrera.
The pitcher was ejected after the next pitch for intentionally throwing the ball at the batter.

In the bottom of the 8th inning, I caught a hard hit foul ball off Michael Brantley (a left hander). When the crowd cheered my catch, Michael Brantley looked in my direction to see what the excitement was about.

I met the team mascot, Slider.

The Royals won 12-0, which the largest margin of shutout in Cleveland franchise history.

At the end of the game, there was an awesome fireworks and rock music show.

Today we are off to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and then we are heading to Detroit for the 4pm Tigers/Angels game.

I will post the pictures tomorrow since my mom can’t wait to see the Grateful Dead exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.



  1. Anthony Aleman

    Hey Cory it’s Anthony sorry I haven’t been on, I had 6 games this weekend including the state championship behind the plate! Anyway…..I can’t believe you caught a foul ball at the game!!!!!!! I have been trying for years to catch one and still haven’t, I am glad you were able to see a game with some offense but too bad you didnt get to see the no hitter…..hope your having a great time!!!!


  2. Alice Walsh

    Congratulations on catching a foul ball….Let’s see how many more you can get…Enjoy the rest of your trip. I will be following your city tours so keep us updated. I am sure it will be an experience you will always remember. Love, Aunt Alice


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