We’re off!!!!

Just left New Jersey behind for Pennsylvania. Only 383 miles to go today to get to tonight’s game in Cleveland at Progressive Stadium. The Indians are playing the Kansas City Royals.

We hope to see the Indians get more hits than last night when they were “no hit” by the Angels.

Did you know:
The longest home run at Progressive Field was a 511-foot blast hit by Jim Thome on July, 3 1999 against Kansas City

Progressive Field is considered a hitter’s ballpark

It has the largest freestanding scoreboard in the major leagues



  1. bob ciccarone

    i hope you treasure that foul ball, ive been going to stadiums around the country for 40 years and still havent caught one!!! congrats and great insights.


  2. Shawn

    awesome!!!! you get to go to a bunch of games a season and i only get to see 0-1 game a season because my parents don’t really like baseball but im going to the yankees home finale against the red sox on september 25 at 1:05 pm on a sunday

    anyway i just wanted to say you are so lucky!

    your really awesome friend


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